Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater Review

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Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater

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What We Like

  • Even hard cheese and vegetables can be grated easily
  • Sturdy rubber base
  • Grater doesn’t move when used
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight despite the larger size and material used in its construction

What We Don’t Like

  • One-size and very thin slicer
  • Holes in the medium-sized grating surface appear larger than on the large grater surface
  • Food and water gets into the base; needs to be removed during each cleaning

Graters add an extra level of versatility to the way we cut, slice, and dice our food in the kitchen. If you’re looking to create a dish where you need ingredients to spread both easily and evenly, then you’ll want to make those ingredients as thin and small as possible. Graters come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes ranging from your standard washboard grater to your hexagonal rotary graters, and the important thing is to find a grater that best suits your needs.

Hence, we aim to narrow down your search by taking a look at one of the more popular graters currently available, which is the Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater. Not only will we provide an overview of its features, but we’ll also look at how to use the grater properly, as well as some possible alternatives.


Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater Review

The Kitchen Basix Company has come up with a grater that combines utility with affordability. With a box-grater design, users have access to four different styles of grating including large cutting holes, small cutting holes, small and raspy holes, and finally a side for slicing. This level of versatility allows users to cut anything from blocks of cheese to spices and chocolates.

Users will also find some extra safety features that also add a little extra comfort to the grating process. These extras help to prevent potential slippage as well as allow the user to grip the grater more comfortably and securely.

Who Is This Product For?

The Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater is a fantastic option for anyone who is looking for a product that meets a lot of grating needs. This box grater is fantastic for bakers as you have a side to grate spices such as cinnamon, one to create chocolate shavings, another to slice fruit, and one to grate carrots for a good old-fashioned carrot cake. Those who aren’t sure if they’ll need all four sides but want peace of mind when it comes to their kitchen utensils will also find this product perfect for them.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater, you’ll receive the box grater with the rubber grip and base. Buyers will also benefit from Kitchen Basixs’ lifetime money-back guarantee, so if you do have any problems with the tool, you can easily arrange for either a replacement or a refund.

Overview of Features

The Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater is loaded with the following features:

  • Size: This grater measures 9.9″ H x 4.6″ W x 3.5″ D and weighs approximately 11.2 pounds. This allows plenty of space on the inside of the grater to catch all of the food shavings while not being so outlandishly large that it takes up all of your cupboard space.
  • Functionality: Essentially a 4-in-1 cutting utensil, users are offered a variety of cutting styles for varying degrees of shaving thickness. This makes this grater incredibly versatile, allowing it to be used in a wide array of cooking environments.
  • Design: Taking on a rather conventional grater design, the Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater offers all of the fundamentals you’d expect from a box grater. Above other box grater manufacturers, this unit has a non-slip base which is fantastic for preventing any unwanted injuries.
  • Material: Being constructed from stainless steel, this grater is naturally resistant to corrosion, which really helps increase its life expectancy. Stainless steel also delivers a high level of durability, allowing it to be heavily used without any worry of flimsy construction.

How to Use

Box graters are extremely easy to use, and most people adopt one method or another. The most common method used is to place the grater in an upright position and grate your food in a downwards motion. Since this unit has a non-slip base, the process will be easier and safer than normal.

The second method used is to lay the grater on its side with the grating style you wish to use facing upwards. You’ll then grate the food horizontally and in a motion away from you. This method adds a little extra level of safety as there is a reduced chance of slicing your fingers.


If you’re searching for something with a bit more versatility than the Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater, you might want to consider the THETIS Homes Six-Sided Box Grater. Boasting very similar features in terms of its construction and anti-slip base, the six sides include a coarse shaver, ultra coarse, a medium shred, a zester, a slicer, and finally a shredding star. This allows an even wider array of cutting styles to appeal to even the most complicated recipes.


The Kitchen Basix Four-Sided Box Grater is a fantastic option for those looking for an affordable and practical grater. This can cater to a wide array of cutting needs on the fly since users simply need to rotate the grater to the desired side.


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